Where can I use your lights?

Our lights sit well in all the usual places you'd find pendant lights.

Navicula P 0001 David Trubridge Navicula 1500 Feature Bamboo Sustainable Light Fixture Above Table Photo Simon Devitt

Navicula (small) over a dark dining table.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island should be refereed to as the 'hub-of-all-things'. We eat, drink, share, do homework, bills, watch Netflix and socialize. Lighting this space may require a functional element such as LED down-lights or a occasional task lamp. However, for the majority of the time decorative/designer lights are ideal as they help define the style of your space, and it's here that you can express yourself and have fun.

Coral Pendant Lighting New Zealand Award Winning Design 0003 Shaun Lockyer Architects Scott Burrows Photo Kooroomba Hous

Three Coral 600mm/24" hung aligned over a kitchen island.

Hinaki Pendant Light Designer David Trubridge New Zealand Ceiling Lights 0004 ICR Oct2014 106 2

Floral lights hung in a large grouping

Dining Areas

Navicula L 0006 David Trubridge Navicula 1500 Feature Bamboo Over Dinning Table Sustainable Light Fixture Photo Simon

Navicula (Small) hanging over a dining table with 8 seats.

Flax Pendant Lighting Designer David Trubridge Kitset Light 0003 The Block 38

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