Apartment ZM

Well-being at home

  • Location
  • Trento, Italy
  • Client
  • Elisa Burnazzi & Davide Feltrin
  • Photography
  • Carlo Baroni

2018 - 2020 private client design Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin photo Carlo Baroni

ZM apartment: well-being at home The interior design of this apartment started with the design of bespoke furniture and advice on the design furniture to buy. We then continued with the garden project and advice on the colors and materials of the external facades. Furthermore, our architecture studio , with the assistance of experts in this, has pursued the design objective of obtaining a 360-degree well-being , from an acoustic, outdoor and even indoor environmental point of view, linked to electromagnetic pollution .

ZM apartment: the dream to come true The ZM apartment, which is part of a newly built multi-family building , is located in the southern area of ​​the municipality of Trento . The accommodation overlooks a private garden that separates it from a busy road. The custom-made furniture project concerns the living area, the sleeping area and the garden of the apartment. The large windows welcome bench seats that allow you to enjoy the relaxing view of the garden and become additional seating if necessary, in case of visits by guests and relatives.

ZM apartment: our project between interior design , landscape, exterior design and the completed work The design idea starts from the observation of the spatial characteristics of the accommodation. The large French windows in the living area frame the garden, where species capable of reducing noise and environmental pollution have been planted . The interior finishes reflect the colors or materials of the garden . The color spreads over the furniture and objects, contrasting with the gray of the Venetian terrazzo flooring , which is also spread outside. The walnut wood is used for the walls of the living room, the kitchen, the dining table and chairs; in this way you have the feeling of bringing the garden into the house. The kitchen island is black lacquered. The fireplaceit acts as a visual fulcrum upon entering the apartment, and remains visible from the entire living area, inspiring a sense of welcome and warmth. In the sleeping area the wood is still present on the walls, warming the rooms and giving them a full feeling of relaxation. In the bathrooms, the beaten floor is used and in the showers, while the resin and enamel are applied on the walls . As regards the lighting project, it sees the use of a few LED lighting fixtures in the line, recessed with respect to the ceiling, which wash the walls and give the spaces a suggestive but abstract atmosphere. These are accompanied by LED spotlights, which are able to improve the brightness of the space in the evening and at night. On the dining table, an impressive chandelier draws the attention of visitors to the place where the family gathers, to share the meal and the stories of the day.

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