How do I choose a bulb/lamp?

We review some of best the bulb/lamp options. Watch our helpful video!

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Choosing a bulb/lamp can be daunting.

Depending on the look you want to achieve we can recommend some LED bulbs/lamps suitable for our lights. The main features of a bulb/lamp are:

Lumen output

Lumen means light output or the brightness of the bulb. In most cases, the standard would be around 1000-1500 lumens or 'Lm'. If you want a noticeably softer light you'll see examples on the video below in the realm of 400-500lm.


Temperature means the colouring of the light. The main choices in the market are 'Cool White', 'Daylight' and 'Warm White'. We do not recommend Cool White as it is quite cold but do get asked about it. Daylight and Warm white are more relaxing colours for the home.

Bulb Style

LED technologies are rapidly advancing. You likely have more options available than we have here in New Zealand. The things to consider about the bulb/lamp are: - Frosted vs Clear. Clear gives crisper shadows. - LED construction. If there are multiple LEDs inside the bulb, the shadow is less-crisp. Each LED point acts as a single light source, creating overlaps of shadow.

Bulb/lamp size

It's important to match the size of the lamp to the size of the light. For large sizes, you can select a larger round globe. Keeping to the proportion of the light design will help your overall look and help emit more or less light.

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