How do I choose a design?

Choosing a shape or design can be a personal preference, but there are some benefits of various designs.

Natural Wooden Pendant Light Examples for Eco Homes by New Zealand Designer David Trubridge 0010 Showroom HQ wide

Physical Space

Over a table (or other object or void) you can go bigger. If you will walk under the light then measuring is vital.

Lighting Requirement

Reading or working light. A light with an aperture/hole is good… like Kina or it makes a clear spot of light. Middle of room or for effect/emotion. Choose any light from our range.

Brave Ideas

Groupings of lights can create dynamic effects such as putting one in the corner of the room, hung low. Or grouping different shapes/sizes in clusters. If so, odd numbers look better together. Using them as bedside lamps hung beside each bedside table.

Other things to consider

  • You still can use task lighting in conjunction with our lights, you still need good clear light in kitchens.
  • You could still have one in the centre of kitchen or over dining table.
  • You might want to also have spots or directional task lighting for chopping food. then once your ready to serve keep the DT on for some ambience.
  • Get a dimmer for extra control and mood
  • Don't be afraid of colour - use it as a focal point in the room - remember, it will change colour when the light bulb is on!
  • Remember - the close to a surface the stronger the shadows - so play with the length of cord to achieve the pattern strength you would like at night.
  • The lights look nice with a bit of cord drop..right up tight is not the it looks like Kina, Flax, or a round light like Coral or Floral give you the best look.

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