How much light output is there?

Light output varies across our range.

Natural Wooden Pendant Light Examples for Eco Homes by New Zealand Designer David Trubridge 0029 Kina 1000 Natural Simon

We are often asked, "How much light is emitted from your lights?". For most designs (excluding Navicula, Maru and Baskets) the output is determined by:

Choice of Bulb/Lamp

The brighter the bulb/lamp the more brightness you will get. Our lights do create shadows, however, and this is one of their advantages. A moody dappled effect can be created at night.

Addtional Lighting

Many houses have a layering of light including table lamps, downlights, and reflected light from other rooms.

Design choice

A closed-form such as Floral, Coral or Sola will only emit dappled light. Whereas lights like Kina, Flax and Snowflake have an opening thus allowing some light to project.

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