Te Kaitaka House
Snowflake 800mm Natural


Thank you for visiting the website of David Trubridge Design. We greatly appreciate every time you visit our site and hope your experience meets your expectations.

There are some accepted understandings we enter into with you, when you explore and visit our website. What follows are guidelines about what we perceive these to be. Our principal goal is to provide this platform for you to discover our designs, learn about our company and hopefully inspire you with pieces of design that you can live with for years to come.


This website is replicated into five mirrored websites: New Zealand, Australia, United States, Europe, and Global which captures various regions. This is to provide you with a tailored experience with in-market pricing, correct taxing, and websites linking you to our worldwide distributors. You should be automatically directed to the appropriate site for your location, but should you land on the wrong site you can reset your location by selecting the dropdown toggle on our website footer. Our website has protection mechanisms which prevent customers from buying from the wrong sites. So please let us know if you have problems finding the right website for you.

Global Online Sales Terms

The David Trubridge website processes online sales on a ‘on behalf’ basis for global distributors. David Trubridge the company, based in New Zealand will handle all New Zealand-based online sales and their respective customers. A small set of countries without representation are cared for by us through our Global website. For all other international sales you, the customer will be cared for by the corresponding distributor. All sales-related correspondence will go through them including refunds, cancellations and complaints.


For all worldwide sales, we will always stand by our global David Trubridge guarantee of 3 years.

Online Returns and Refunds

When lights are sold on our online store they can be returned within 14 days if they have not been assembled and are still in pristine condition in an unopened form.



Information published on this website is intended as a guide to our products and may at times be superseded by new developments/changes to our products. We don’t guarantee any information/images on our site are absolutely current despite our best efforts. It is pertinent to contact us directly for any highly critical information or seek it from our network of retailers and distributors. Many have physical products and swatch kits available.

It is worth noting that product information published about our products on third-party platforms/websites is outside our control, thus we cannot be held liable for it. We suggest cross-referencing it with our website and getting in touch with us if you have any doubts.

Product Application

All David Trubridge lights are intended for dry, indoor use. In particular, we highly advise against using our lights in bathrooms, showers, verandas, decks, balconies and over steamy cooking areas. We cannot be held liable for any damage if this warning is not headed. Likely faults/damage will be black mould spores growing on your light.

This is even possible in highly tropical areas where there is humidity in the air. States such as Queensland, and Australia apply a mould inhibitor to our lights when imported to combat this.

Image Representation

Images that are published on our website showing our products as clear-cut with painted finishes are intended as close representations of the real thing but are created digitally. They may look quite different from the real item especially due to screen colouring/brightness.

David Trubridge is only able to accept returns on change of mind within 14 days and if the item is not assembled and in original condition.

Governing Law

These Terms of Service/Conditions are structured based on fit within accordance with the laws of New Zealand.

Getting in Contact

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@davidtrubridge.com

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