AR See In Home Guide

AR (Augmented Reality) is available for most of the David Trubridge range. It can be a great place to start in visualizing which design and what size.

New finger draggin Coral

David Trubridge lights are now viewable via AR!

Using the Plattar AR platform is intuitive and easy, however, there are some tips and limitations to getting the best out of it.


- AR works best during the day with good contrast.
- Use two fingers together, to rotate lights.
- Start the process close to where you want the light.
- Keep an eye on the scale, it should be 100%.


- Our models are set to about 2m (6ft) from the floor.
- It may not work well to move the light higher into the space.
- Some larger sizes are not included.
- Only Natural finish is viewable in AR. Colours may come soon!

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