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The Journey So Far

David's path to where we are today is quite unconventional. In fact, he didn't plan to start a global lighting business nor did he plan to settle in New Zealand. Being a natural adventurer and risk-taker meant anything could happen.

In 1976 across a marshy field, an old barn called Dykehead was renovated and turned into a workshop. After it was completed, David started to develop his business while also holding a part-time job as a forester on the local estate. David's skills and mind were developing and the home had become a safe haven.

Now many years later, David Trubridge is one of New Zealand’s most internationally recognisable designers. He is known for his kitset lighting and environmental activism. David Trubridge Ltd the company, has evolved since 1995: from David’s original studio-based practice, to now making everything in Whakatu, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

Our dedicated custom design studio works on commissions and new designs.

Driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy we work developing works for an international client base including other studios, architecture firms and manufacturers.

We design collaboratively bringing new ideas to life. Need something custom that you can't find elsewhere? Contact the studio.


Diatom-Inspired Collection

Inspired by diatoms, Toru, Navicula, and Maru emit visually stunning shadows based on the diatoms they were inspired by. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, each piece is unique and hand-assembled. The collection features a range of sizes, casting intricate shadow patterns. David Trubridge's designs prioritize sustainability, using flat-packed shipping to reduce the carbon footprint. Explore the beauty of nature and design in the diatom-inspired collection.

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Nikau Pendant Lighting Designer David Trubridge Underwater

Supporting our Communities

We take great joy in providing charitable donations to support meaningful local initiatives. Our company has a longstanding commitment to giving back, which spans numerous years.

We give 2% of our revenue each year to this important cause. Along with other noticeable donations like local school visits, group tours of our facility and team outings to support local initiatives including the Sustainable Coastlines and the Maraetōtara Tree Trust.

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Doing our Part

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