What colours do you offer?

Our main range of kitset lights come in a range of stock colours. There are many to choose from and you can even pick your own.

Natural Wooden Pendant Light Examples for Eco Homes by New Zealand Designer David Trubridge 0015 Swatches

The stock David Trubridge Colour Range

We paint our lights here in Hawke's Bay. The colours are vivid and stay that way for years. The main finish options we stock are:


Is a light brown colour. We use this plywood for our painted lights. Does lighten over time.

Painted Colours

Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, Lime, Aqua, Black, White. Both Black and White can be 1 or 2 sides.


If you have a specific colour in mind we can produce these at a one-off cost. Ask your local stockist for a quote. We can match to any Resene Lustacryl swatch or colour match samples sent via courier to us, but please email us or include a note with an email and address. Find our courier address.

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