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Whakatu, Hawkes bay

David Trubridge is one of New Zealand’s most internationally recognisable designers. He is known for his kit set lighting and environmental activism. David Trubridge, the company, has evolved over the last 15 years. From David’s original studio-based practice, they now make everything in their New Zealand factory.

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From nature a thread of artistry if woven into a body of work from David Trubridge


From eyes and pencils ideas birth from synapses into real life


Artistry dances with the laws of physics to settle to the possible

Our Team

We work internationally on commission work, public art and licensed designs. Our business is comprised of two distinct yet congruous areas: production which manufactures the stock lights & furniture, and the design studio.

Driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy we work developing ideas and artistic design pieces for an international client base.

David PORR

David Trubridge

Design Director
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John POR2

John Dinsdale

General Manager
Contact John

Josh POR min

Josh Lynch

Business Development Manager
Contact Josh

Ally POR min

Ally Bryant

Office and Health and Safety Manager
Contact Ally

Rach POR min

Rachel McCormack

Dispatch Manager
Contact Rachel

Marion POR min

Marion Courtille

Lead Designer
Contact Marion

Andrew POR min

Andrew Robertson

Workshop Supervisor
Contact Andrew

Zak POR min

Zak Shrubsall

Marketing Team Leader
Contact Zak

Paige POR min

Paige Lockwood

Light Technician + Marketing Assistant
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Isaac POR


CNC Operator
Contact: Isaac

Awards & Recognition


Kyoto Global Design (David Trubridge Ltd, 100 Best Design Companies)

Pride Print Awards (The Other Way, Gold)

Global Design News (Toru)

Global Design News (Kina Ottoman)


Best Awards (The Other Way, Bronze)


GOOD Design Awards (Navicula)


Best Awards (Large Scale Website, Silver)


Order of Merit ONZM (Queens Honours - Services to Design, David Trubridge)

Best Awards (Maru, Gold)

Best Awards (Steens Honey 27+, Gold)

Best Awards (Kina Ottoman, Silver)

Best Awards (Baskets of Light, Bronze)


Darc Awards (Redwoods Treewalk Nightlights)


Best Awards (Titi Tree Light, Gold)

Good Design Awards (Navicula)


Hawke's Bay Export Awards (Most sustainable company)

Hawke's Bay Export Awards (Supreme Exporter)

Best Awards (Navicula, Gold)

Best Awards (Large Scale Website, Gold)


Green Product Award (Coral)

Best Awards (Coral, Silver)

Best Awards (Sustainable Product Design, Silver)

Best Awards (Belle and Beau, Bronze)

Red Dot Award (Snowflake)

Red Dot Award (Nīkau)


Design Luminary Australia (David Trubridge)

Best Awards (Hush, Bronze)


Dwell on Design Awards (Manuka)

Good Design Awards (Island Seats)


Best Awards (Island Seat, Bronze)


Best Awards (The Grow Range: Kina, Kōura, Flax, Hīnaki, Bronze)

Best Awards (Kōura, Bronze)

Best Awards (Dream Space Dome, Bronze)

Best Awards (Tipu, Bronze)

Good Design Awards (Seed System Kitset: Kina, Kōura, Flax, Hīnaki)

PSP Design Challenge (Wing)

PSP Design Challenge (Baskets of Knowledge)


Best Awards (Sola, Silver)

Best Awards (Wing, Silver)

Best Awards (Cloudy Bay 25 Year Anniversary Visibility Campaign, Silver)

Good Design Awards (Island Seats)

Good Design Awards (Cloud Lights)


Best Awards (Baskets of Knowledge, Silver)


Best Awards (Cloud, Gold)

Best Awards (Island Seats, Gold)


John Britten Award (David Trubridge)

Design for Asia Award (Kina)


IFDA - Japan (Kina, Silver Leaf)

Best Awards (Kina Light, Gold)

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