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Step into David Trubridge's design studio, where you will find a team of skilled designers and craftspeople working on bespoke projects for an international client base. Discover a range of sculptural luminaires inspired by natures patterns and formations. You will be told stories about where the ideas come from and why the company does everything it can to minimize any harm to the environment.

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Nourishment, Nature and our Ethos

From David's beginnings as a forester and furniture maker, a deep connection to nature was built. His sea-fearing journies around the world gave him and an even deeper respect for nature. With his young family in the 80's they stayed onshore in various pacific islands which gave him an awareness of living in harmony with the earth. The company is no different, every single product is the result from inspections and inspirations from mother nature. The processing and manufacturing of our designs is done environmentally as possible.

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