The Other Way

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The Other Way


This book is, in David's own words, his 'love letter to the land and sea', moving from the blinding white light of Antarctica to the fecund darkness of Aotearoa's fjords. It is drawn from his journals and photographs of trips he has made to some of the wildest places on Earth. But in a world changed radically by the two traumas of Covid and the climate crisis, David also shows us how he has listened to Life more simply: in an Italian village café, a Baltic archipelago or, crucially, near his own home in Aotearoa New Zealand. It tells of how he has entered into a deeper connection with nature through an immersion of all the senses, which begins with feet on soil, body in the ocean or breath on a mountaintop.

  • Hardcover book for $98.99 available now.
  • Special Edition Boxed Set for $299 will be sent on 29th August.
  • Designed to feature the exposed spine.
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